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My classmate and friend Sherry Teruya and vital member of the Cooking Hawaiian Style staff made this healthier banana bread for us and it was so good, that I had to get the recipe from her.  The healthier part is from using a mixture of oa...

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This is my quick and easy version of Sheppards pie - its basically an easy meatloaf recipe with creamy mashed potatoes on the top.  The potatoes are nice and creamy with a crispy crust - classic comfort food!  

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Taro chip cookies, Hawaii's answer to the popular potato chip cookies. These cookies have the perfect combination of crunchy, sweet and salty.

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I tried these at a party and had to try making them.  I love anything with taro in it.

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Summertime is always time to fire up the grill and this time I'm doing it slightly healthier with delicious mahi mahi burgers topped with a serrano chile salsa. 

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I've been on a health-kick lately and wanted to make a simple chili using less meat or even try making chili using a meat substitute.    I used a 16-bean mix along with garbanzo beans and thickened the chili with fat free refried beans. T...

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Nothing makes me happier than to create recipes that use products that are made in Hawaii.  Island Princess Hawaii Makani bars are made with mo...

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I found this recipe online and to my disappointment, the cake was nothing like the cake that was in the picture so I decided to make this one up myself. This is my version.

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This is my uncle Eddie's recipe for homemade brownies.  To me, this is one of the best brownie recipes....  The top of the brownie is nice and crisp with a candy-like texture that crackles...and the brownie itself is super rich, chocolatey and moist.  You can tell that its a homemade brownie...not a boxed mix.

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These mini shrimp toast bites pack a lot of punch and a lot of flavor starting with the garlic bread toast base which is slathered with homemade clam dip and topped with a spicy chipotle lime shrimp.  You can make each component ahead of time and simply assemble before serving.

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