Sushi Sasabune


When Sushi Sasabune opened 18 years ago I went for lunch. The place was empty and Seiji Kumugawa and his wife where running it by themselves.

The Omakasi was $50 for 13 rounds of sushi so we would go there at least twice a week.
Since then they have won numerous awards like restaurant of the year, #1 Zagat, top 10 sushi bars in the US, and the list go’s on.

Back in the day sushi was served on hot rice and cold fish was sold on carts. Seiji’s style is very old school no California rolls, no tempura and the rice he says took him 10 years to perfect. I been lucky enough to watch this place grow to what it has become today. As much as I go to Japan I always appreciate what Seiji has created by still keeping it old school.


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