Sunday, September 26, 2021

    CHS Episode 811 - Filipino favorites with Alex Pelen

    Cooking Hawaiian Style on Roku Player

    We are happy to announce Cooking Hawaiian Style season 5,6,7 and 8 are now available on Roku Player. 

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    Peanut-Beef-Dish-by-Dr.-Kyle-Caires Peanut Beef Dish by Dr. Kyle Caires of the Maui County Farm Bureau Cooking Hawaiian Style - August 23, 2021 Fried-Mandu-with-Gochugaru-Dipping-Sauce-by-Chef-Peter-Pak-of-UHMC-Culinary-Arts Fried Mandu with Gochugaru Dipping Sauce by Chef Peter Pak of UHMC Culinary Arts Cooking Hawaiian Style - August 10, 2021 Maui-Cattle-Co-Beef-Tenderloin-Steaks-by-Chef-Tylun-Pang Maui Cattle Co Beef Tenderloin Steaks by Chef Tylun Pang Cooking Hawaiian Style - August 2, 2021 Mauna-Harvest-Cake-Noodle-by-Chef-Tylun-Pang Mauna Harvest Cake Noodle by Chef Tylun Pang Cooking Hawaiian Style - August 1, 2021 Dry-Min-by-Ikaika-Blackburn-of-Na-Hoa Dry Min by Ikaika Blackburn of Na Hoa Cooking Hawaiian Style - July 18, 2021

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