Helena’s Hawaiian Food


Helena’s Hawaiian Food (@helenashawaiianfood) has been open since 1946 and going strong. As a kid my cousins use to bring me to the old location before school st. Aunty Helen Chock started this @beardfoundation award winner and it has become a Hawaiian icon. There isnʻt too many Hawaiian food restaurant’s left in our state and we have to keep supporting these local mom and pop spots or we are gonna lose them. 

One of the reasons its become popular is because of the pipikaula short ribs, but one of my favorites is the squid luau. I take a lot of my guests on food tours here and their first looks when the luau hits the table isnt a pleasant one but after the first bite everyone whack’um. Dont go during the peak hours, and park down the street, save your self from stressing over the small parking lot. Mahalo to Craig Katsuyoshi and his amazing staff for always taking care. 

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