People’s Cafe


Peoples Cafe has been open for over 80 years. With a total of 3 owners. The latest owner Tomas Ventura and his sisters took over in 2004 and have not changed the menu much. One of the last traditional Hawaiian food eateries in the state where the laulau is made fresh in house and the recipes from day one haven’t changed since the original owner.

My mom used to bring me here as a kid and the decor and the ambiance haven’t changed. They have added filipino food to the mix and it completely fits the format. My go to is the salt meat water cress, lau lau, and squid luau.

They also make mungu beans once a week and its a must try. Mahalo to Tomas and his sisters for keeping the tradition going. Definitely another one of Hawaii’s iconic hole in the walls. Support these local companies or they will all disappear. @lanai

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