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E komo mai  "Welcome"

Welcome to the newly designed home of Cooking Hawaiian Style.   We've added numerous improvements including: easy recipe search, social media integration, easy printing and saving of recipes, all designed to make your visit more enjoyable.


Oʻahu "The Gathering Place"

Cooking Hawaiian Style continues to be a gathering place that celebrates the richness of Hawaii's culinary culture featuring Hawaiian and Hawaiian-style recipes from all ethnicities.  We have thousands of authentic Hawaiian recipes and Hawaiian-Style classics such as hamburger steak, fried rice, potato macaroni salad, guava chiffon cake, fried saimin and and yes... an amazing brown gravy recipe to go with that hamburger steak!!  


We also feature recipes from some of Hawaii's top chefs including Hawaiian Airline's Executive Chef and Restauranteur Chai Chaowasaree, Chef Erickson of Napili Bay Resort, Dessert Professional Magazine Editor and Author Tish Boyle, Restaurant & Catering veteran Deirdre Todd, Hawaiian music legend Melveen Leed, Comedian Frank DeLima and even the Honorable Senator Inouye.  


In the tradition of sharing and community, we are proud to feature recipes from top Hawaiian bloggers including:, & Miss Mochi's Adventures.



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