Friday, March 5, 2021

Ono and Shrimp Tempura with Chef Kino Carrillo

Every great cooking show has an even more amazing kitchen staff. Our awesome staff is lead by our Cooking Hawaiian Style Chef, Kino Carrillo. There...

    Cooking Hawaiian Style TV w/ Shawn "Flippa" Garnett

    Wikibites: The Wailoa Refreshment

    Cooking Hawaiian Style on Roku Player

    We are happy to announce Cooking Hawaiian Style season 5,6,7 and 8 are now available on Roku Player. 

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    Roman-DePeralta-Coconut-Shrimp Roman DePeralta's (Kolohe Kai) Coconut Shrimp Cooking Hawaiian Style - February 21, 2021 Langostino-Pan-Rice-Delight Langostino Pan Rice Delight Cooking Hawaiian Style - February 17, 2021 Ahi-Katsu-Shoyu-Mustard-Mayo-Sauce Ahi Katsu w/Shoyu Mustard Mayo Sauce Cooking Hawaiian Style - February 14, 2021 Kim-Chee-Lumpia Kim Chee Lumpia Recipe Cooking Hawaiian Style - January 28, 2021 Dixie-Rose-Brown-Rice-Risotto Dixie Rose Brown Rice Risotto Cooking Hawaiian Style - January 20, 2021

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    Ethel’s Grill

    Ethel's Grill (@ethelsgrill_kalihi) has been one of my go-to’s since I was 17 years old. The Ishii ohana took over the original Ethels in...

    Japanese-Style Wafu Dressing II

    Japanese Restaurants all have their signature salad dressing. All quite similar, but yet different. A few local restaurants have now begun to bottle and...

    Hawaiian Garlic Pepper Water

    Another take on the Hawaiian Chili Pepper Water. You will soon find the recipe that is your favorite and be certain that it will...

    Mochiko Sesame Chicken

    Mochiko chicken is a staple in the islands, usually found at every picnic table, at every plate lunch stop and at every lunchwagon. The...

    Easy Namasu (Japanese Pickled Vegetables)

    Our favorite Bento-Style meal usually always has a little side dish of Japanese Pickled Vegetables. Most times, just a teaser of a taste, leaving...

    David Sumida’s Corned Beef With Watercress

    David Sumida from the Sumida Watercress Farm joins us on Cooking Hawaiian Style and shares recipes that he grew up eating on the farm....

    David Sumida’s Kim Chee Fried Rice With Watercress Recipe

    I met the legendary David Sumida on the set of Cooking Hawaiian Style.  I was so excited to meet him as his family has...

    Foil Wrapped Chicken

    I always enjoyed this Foil Wrapped Chicken at our old neighborhood Chinese Restaurant where we would go to only for special occasions. I only...

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